Stefanie Lin


Stefanie Lin is an artist, blogger and mother based in Wisconsin. She works primarily with acrylic and mixed media/collage. Stefanie (who is just 29) manages her art store and blog while being a full-time mommy to four little ones – all under the age of six! Lin writes frequently about involving her children in the artistic process; many photos from her blog and Flickr steam show her at work with her daughter painting on the table or one of her sons resting comfortably in a wrap while she works on her latest piece.

“I started crafting when Leila (my oldest) was born. For me the creative spark started with sewing, and for over three years I made anything and everything I could with a sewing machine.” After that, Stefanie discovered a love for vintage pattern envelopes, and the abundance of amazing art on them led her to begin her mixed media and collage work. She is a self-taught painter who recognizes the importance of daily practice of her craft. “From the minute I picked up a brush, I haven’t stopped working. I just kept at it,” Stefanie says.

Stefanie’s artwork is just as warm and gentle as her personality; her subjects of beautiful women (in all shapes and colors) delicately washed over old dictionary pages or enclosed in old-fashioned embroidery hoops with varied textures in multiple layers. One can instantly imagine Lin’s pieces in the different homes of all the women you hold dear in your life; from your closest friends to a co-worker you might not even know so well. Every detail seems designed to help women catch their breath in a world full of stress and worry. All of her lovely girls feel like old friends.


  • fine art
  • mixed media
  • collage


  • mixing and matching
  • finding
  • adding
  • subtracting